Confidence: It's what retail investors want

OCT 4, 2022    |    3 MIN READ

Icons for investing floating around a chart.

The majority of retail investors have one thing in common when it comes to managing their money—they want to feel confident about the decisions they’re making.

According to a recent survey, 38% of people rank investing among the toughest decisions they have to make, and 76% of people want to educate themselves about monetary decisions. 

As the survey suggests, people have a clear problem when it comes to investing—a desire for more education about their decisions. Brokers, neobanks, fintechs, and advisory firms are in an ideal position to present a solution that will attract and retain investors: an immersive investing experience that helps clients deepen their understanding of financial terms, investment types, and market and economic conditions so they can make smart financial decisions. 

Let's work together

Atom’s mission is to empower investors everywhere to make the best decisions possible. But we can’t do it alone. New and existing investment platforms have a unique opportunity to give investors exactly what they want from their investing experience. 

A pull quote from Wendy Ivanoski, COO of Atom Finance.

When you integrate Atom’s investment intelligence APIs into your tech stack, investors of every skill level can research and discover new investment ideas; track and compare fund performance; get breaking news and unique insights; monitor their portfolios; and more—all without leaving your platform.

Our developer-friendly APIs and endpoints are language-agnostic and can be quickly integrated with various platforms. You can customize your layout to match your brand design to create a seamless user experience. 

Changing the outlook on investing, one investor at a time

Although people may be nervous and even fearful about making financial decisions, they’re also interested and inspired about investing their money. Providing every investor with access to high-quality information, resources, and tools can differentiate your platform, win reluctant investors’ trust, and build lifelong brand loyalty. 

Together, we can democratize access to investment intelligence and reduce people’s fear about investing.

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