How Atom Finance is helping investors be smart about crypto

June 14, 2022   |   4 min read

Example of cryptocurrency investment intelligence on a mobile device.

Cryptocurrency is now integrated into Atom Finance’s APIs alongside other asset classes. Crypto is a technology in which transactions are verified and records are maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority. Some of the biggest applications to date include digital currencies like bitcoin, decentralized financial apps, and tokens representing digital ownership.

Crypto is an appealing asset class to many investors. It offers potential benefits, including fast money movement, trustless ownership, censorship resistance, diversification, and more.

As investors seek nontraditional asset classes—and fintechs, neobanks, and traders face demand for high-quality information about crypto assets—Atom is stepping up to the challenge of providing an all-in-one investment intelligence platform that includes crypto.

Adam Baitch, Director of Product at Atom Finance, explains what this means for investors.

What can people expect from our crypto intelligence?

Investors will get aggregated content and data that’s been expertly cleaned, sorted, and normalized—covering thousands of the most popular cryptocurrencies. They’ll have access to streaming and historical prices, market data, categories and trends, top cryptos ranked by market capitalization, exciting visualizations, and more. They can access curated and tagged news content and share it with their network.

Investors can use the information they access to problem solve, come up with creative ideas, and plan ahead. Ultimately, it can help them tune out the noise and make informed investment decisions. 

What do we mean when we say crypto is “integrated” into our API?

We designed all of the APIs we offer to work across asset classes, and crypto is an asset class just like equities and fixed income. Our APIs are flexible and can be easily configured so clients can build their own feeds. 

Adding access to the crypto asset class is simply a matter of adjusting a few settings. The asset classes operate on the same system, which makes it easy for clients to expand the securities investors have access to. 

Why crypto … and why now? 

We build high-quality informational products to help investors and the businesses we partner with. Crypto is an important emerging asset class, and there’s a demand for it. Compared to more established traditional asset classes, crypto is new and speculative. But a lot of investors own it and interest is steadily increasing. In fact, a 2022 NBC news poll found that one in five Americans has invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency. 

Nobody can predict the future value of cryptocurrency, especially in light of all of the recent market volatility. Our goal is simply to help investors make informed decisions about the assets they have in their portfolio right now—or the ones they’re thinking about buying or selling today, tomorrow, or next week. 

What else does Atom Finance have on the radar for the future?

We’re committed to enhancing our product lineup to address our clients’ needs and improve investors’ overall experience. We constantly add features, assets, and other capabilities to help investors focus on the information that can help them make educated decisions.

In addition to planning ahead, it’s important for us to remain flexible: We listen to what investors want when they use our investor app and evaluate trends to see what has long-term potential. We want to design products that are as useful as they are innovative.

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