How we made our News API even better

NOV 8, 2022   |   4 MIN READ

Company news API from Atom Finance

We’re not going to bury the lead in a story about the value of quality content, so here it is: We upgraded our Premium News and Content API. 

We added Benzinga, MTNewswires, and Coindesk to our existing content partnerships with Reuters and Briefing.com to offer an even broader selection of unbiased, comprehensive news coverage. And that’s not all. We applied machine learning, specifically natural language processing (NLP), to provide news sentiment analysis and trending topics to make it easier for investors to stay informed. 

Welcome to next-level news

Not all financial data APIs are equal. Atom’s News API has always been designed to differentiate your investment platform by providing an engaging investor experience, which can lead to idea discovery and longer session times. It even supports opportunities for your brand to generate revenue with a premium subscription model. Now we’re taking one of our core products to the next level by offering access to additional content providers and adding two features that are supported by machine learning technology. 

More high-quality content, more robust news feeds

Atom partners with high-quality news and content providers so you never have to second-guess sources or worry about ads or clickbait. We offer aggregated content from the top financial news agencies in the industry, providing real-time news coverage that spans domestic and international markets and crypto. 

Although our flexible integrations allow you to select which providers source your news, your clients will always receive sorted and tagged content and unique insights to help them make well-timed, well-informed investing decisions. 

Using content from your chosen providers, you can create one or more custom news feeds to capture your clients’ attention, reflect their interests and skill level, and empower them to achieve investment success. You and your clients can create custom feeds featuring one or more:

To further enhance your clients’ news experience, you can activate our ticker pill feature. Once activated, it displays real-time prices for ticker symbols that are embedded in news articles, allowing investors to find affordable new stock investments while reading.  

Machine learning helps clients stay informed quickly and easily

We use state-of-the-art NLP that’s specifically designed for financial use cases to break down complex news articles for easy consumption, saving clients time and helping them avoid information overload.

Trending topics for news related to Meta Platforms.

News sentiment analysis gives clients an instant indicator of whether news about a company is positive, neutral, or negative, while trending topics extracts key words and phrases from the news to help investors effortlessly get up to speed on the most pressing matters. 

Every investor, from those who struggle to comprehend complex financial articles to those who simply lack the time to read articles cover to cover, can benefit from the convenience of these technologically advanced features, resulting in increased brand loyalty and higher net promoter scores for your brand. 

Documents help clients dig deeper 

In addition to news, we offer easy access to the tools investors need to perform fundamental analysis before trading a stock. Our Documents endpoint contains companies’ financial statements, earnings call transcripts, corporate presentations, regulatory filings, such as 10-Ks, 10-Qs, and 8-Ks, and more. When you incorporate this endpoint, your custom news feed can include documents as well. 

Try our APIs for free

Check out our News and Content API for free by creating an account on our client portal. To learn more about our upgraded News and Content offer, visit our News and Content solution page.

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