Welcome to Atom Finance.

Atom is a dynamic investment research platform built for modern investors. We’re not another commission-free brokerage firm. Our mission is to democratize access to institutional-quality investment resources and empower our users to make informed investment decisions. 

Here is a guide to getting started on Atom and how to get the most out of our platform: 

  1. Real-time data. 

    Atom’s home page is your jumping off point for keeping up with the latest market movements, news and investor events. Start by tracking real-time changes in major indices like the S&P, Nasdaq and Russell 2000 with live streaming quotes. Then, dive into the fundamentals by reading our daily briefings and breaking news to understand the underlying factors driving today’s price movement. Finally, stay on top of upcoming earnings announcements and investor events with Atom’s events calendar. The home page is a representation of what is most important to your investment research process. As you connect external investment accounts to Atom and add more securities to your personal hub, Atom will gather increasingly relevant content, tailored to your personal investment approach.

  2. Portfolio integration.

    Keeping track of your portfolio has never been easier with Atom’s Portfolio feature. Simply sign into your investment accounts using our Plaid integration and Atom will aggregate your holdings into one dashboard so you can conveniently track your performance all in one place. Your personal information is always kept secure as you communicate directly with your financial institution and Atom never obtains access to your login credentials for external accounts. Once you’ve connected your portfolios, Atom will automatically curate your experience with relevant news, events and filings for your holdings. You can also find aggregated data points on positions, trades and diversification to understand how you can better allocate your resources across different accounts. Lastly, set up portfolio alerts to be notified whenever there’s a significant change to your holdings. 
  1. Web and Mobile

    Atom was designed to perform best when used on both web and mobile devices, with particular advantages on each platform. On the web app, dive deep into your investment research using Atom’s X-Ray feature and search for keywords across all news articles, filings and transcripts to find insights buried in documents. Once you hone in on an investment opportunity, no fundamental analysis is complete without a financial model to evaluate your entry point. Create a model instantly using the Sandbox feature, which can be found all on company pages. Sandbox models are pre-populated with the latest consensus estimates from major investment banks and recalculate automatically as you change assumptions. Save your models and rest assured that financials are always up to date when you revisit them. You can also create a comparable companies table instantly using the Compare feature and benchmark the performance of companies and sectors. Lastly, create custom Hubs to monitor investment opportunities over time based on your personal criteria. These features make the web app the ideal place to perform in-depth fundamental research and analysis.

    On the mobile app, access the same institutional-quality content from the convenience of your mobile device, including daily briefings, breaking news and more. Keep track of your investments on-the-go by setting up price alerts for your portfolio and individual stocks. Atom’s mobile app allows you to stay up to date with the markets no matter where you are.
  2. Atom+

    Atom+ is a premium news and content offering that enhances the default news feed with analysis and commentary from leading equity research firms, as well as immediate feedback on major price movements of stocks you follow. Atom+ curates the most relevant pieces of investment information from institutional-quality sources so users can be confident they are not missing critical updates on their portfolio. Atom+ is currently being offered on a limited basis to a small group of users. For the time being, the only way to receive access to Atom+ is to obtain an invite code from these existing users. In the meantime, you can sign up for the waitlist at atom.finance/plus or by clicking “Get Atom+” in the mobile app and we will get you access as soon as we can.

We hope you have found this guide useful for getting started with Atom. We’re confident you will be armed with the best tools and resources to become a better investor from Atom. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at contact@atom.finance.