Thrills & chills on social investing with Trading.TV

Boldly breaking down the barriers between live content, video content, and trading.  

APRIL 27, 2022   |   3 MIN READ

Logos of Atom Finance and Trading.TV partnering together.

One of our newest partners, Trading.TV, successfully integrates social into its trading experience as the world’s first livestream platform built for retail traders and financial content creators. Hot out of Beta in February, Trading.TV lets users chat, watch videos, and trade all in the same place.

How it started

Trading.TV's mission is to empower the next generation of traders to achieve financial freedom by merging entertainment and fintech. 

"I wanted to be able to build a platform that helps creators monetize—that really helps them build a business as much as it helps them build an audience," said Tobias Heaslip, CEO and founder of Trading.TV.

Social differentiators

Livestream shopping inspired Heaslip to create Trading.TV, but he wanted to make the trading experience as informative as it was fun. By partnering with Atom for asset page and portfolio modules, Trading.TV was able to focus on other core functions of the app, including watching, chatting, trading, and creating. The result? A social livestream and chat platform that seamlessly combines entertainment, financial education, and real-time interaction with trading capabilities. 

"We have creators come on the platform; they create content via livestream, video-on-demand, and immersive chat. Fans, followers, and audiences can then trade those assets directly on the platform while watching the livestreams," said Heaslip.

Trading.TV offers an incentive program to encourage “finfluencers” to sign up, grow their network, and share their content. More content leads to more users, which eventually leads to higher trading activity on the platform. 

Once content creators are live on the platform, the hope is that it won’t just be a place for stocks. There will be a home for the crypto community, the DeFi community, and other alternative investment communities.

Another unique component of the platform is the Trading Simulator that offers investors a way to practice and get comfortable with trading prior to investing with real money. Inexperienced traders are able to gain experience with the Trading Simulator before trading with real money. 

By creating a platform that intentionally merges social interaction, content creation, and investing, Heaslip’s team reduces the friction between idea generation and investment execution.  

Biggest thrill: Amplifying diverse voices

“We're starting with the creators first, and the common denominator among all of our early creators is diversity—in terms of age, sex, race, and sexual orientation. It's incredibly important to me as a minority founder to have a community and a platform that celebrates diversity and inclusion,” said Heaslip.

Trading.TV aims to make financial freedom a reality for potentially billions of people around the world, especially those from underserved communities that historically would never have had access to financial markets. 

Biggest chill: Finfluencers and compliance

Perhaps the reason not many trading platforms integrate social elements into their digital journey is the complexity of managing the regulatory requirements for financial content creators, who usually aren't investment advisors. 

But Trading.TV is up to the challenge. They believe they can make it work by developing community guidelines for their creators and advocating for an interconnected ecosystem with regulators in Washington. 

"Our number one priority to date has been on regulatory compliance, and we're being proactive,” said Heaslip.

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