Together we can transform the retail investment experience

May 9, 2022   |   5 MIN READ

Variety of mobile devices with Atom Finance user experiences.

Three years ago, Atom Finance was founded to bridge the information gap between Wall Street professionals and everyday investors. Our passion fueled the development of an investment research platform that made high-quality tools and content available to consumers, empowering them to understand market complexities and make smart financial decisions. 

Our offer

We’re doubling down on our commitment to provide easy access to quality investing resources by offering an embedded investment intelligence platform. Our software provides proprietary insights and unique visualization tools that can be quickly, easily, and affordably integrated into new and existing trading platforms. By partnering with fintechs, neobanks, and brokers that share our enthusiasm to democratize investment intelligence, more investors will have access to the cutting-edge technology they need to achieve investment success. 

Our experience developing and maintaining a consumer investment research platform gives us a unique advantage–we have a deep understanding of investor behavior. Feedback from our subscribers drives product development, inspires new features and functionality, and motivates us to build user-friendly products that help investors make smart investment decisions. 

Atom offers the flexible solutions your business needs to remain competitive in today’s evolving investment environment. Integrating one or more of Atom’s robust APIs or embeddable UIs into your tech stack can transform your trading platform into an immersive investing experience that engages investors like never before. 

Our platform

Our APIs are user-friendly and developer-friendly. We aggregate multiple data and content sources into our output and present it all in a single module. Through a single API, you can offer your investors a wealth of data and content–without having to vet data providers, sign a single contract, or have your developers aggregate, curate, or clean data from multiple sources. 

Your investors can use our asset overview module to create a comprehensive summary of a particular asset–incorporating market intelligence from one source; financials from a second source; descriptions from a third source; etc. 

In addition to aggregating data from various sources, our APIs present investors with proprietary insights and visualization tools. For example, our popular “Fund Look-through” feature allows investors to see the individual stocks or ETFs their fund invests in, letting them dive into a funds’ underlying holdings to identify individual stocks or ETFs that may be responsible for driving a price change.

Our goal

We want to help you serve your investors. Our products can help you differentiate your brand, increase revenue and engagement, and empower your investors with investment intelligence, unique insights, and an immersive experience that will captivate them from research through trade execution. And best of all, our modules can be customized to ensure they’re in sync with your investors’ skill level.

Each business partner has a unique vision for their investors, and our platform is built for flexibility to support you. You can fully integrate our platform or mix and match modules to build an experience that suits your investors’ needs. 

Join us

For the past three years, we’ve opened the door for individual investors to access institutional-quality investment research and tools through our investor app. Now we’re eager to expand our reach by partnering with trading platforms of all sizes and at all stages. Together we can transform how investors make smart investment decisions. 


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